Autoclavable Plastic Boxes for surgical kits

Containers for burs and other dental instruments, suitable for steam sterilization

Our line of autoclavable boxes is designed for the dental sector and includes containers for burs and other instruments used by dentists. It is the result of over ten years of work and close collaboration with our customers: we test each product to ensure functionality and reliability and respond to the specific needs of the dental profession.

The range includes nine autoclavable boxes with hinged lids of different sizes, specially designed to house the most significant number of instruments in the least possible space and have them immediately available when needed.

We can customize each box in all its parts. The lid is available in seven colors (gray, blue, green, purple, red, orange, and yellow), and the tray and the bottom can accommodate the stainless steel bowls. It can be optimized according to your needs. For minimum quantities, we can also customize the color of the base and the tray. You can decide the arrangement, color, and size of the silicone supports and choose to add the codes and drawings of the instruments to make the surgical path clearer. You can insert colored logos to complete the product.

The Ippi instrument holders are made of certified plastic material and are suitable for steam sterilization.

Technical features of Ippi autoclavable boxes

The products in the series are made of PPSU polyphenylsulfone.

They are CE-marked and FDA-registered. All of their components, including the inks for the colored logos, have undergone validation. All our containers are equipped with a use and maintenance manual.

The boxes and the accessories sold separately (the silicone supports and the stainless steel trays) can be steam-sterilized up to 134 °C.

Our box models for the dental sector

Each surgical kit is different, and the quantity and size of the instruments may vary. We have created nine steam-sterilizable containers, customizable in every detail, from FIDEMO box to the compact and handy OLV SLIM and OLV MID models, suitable for hosting a small number of tools.

How to customize the boxes

All our models, from the OLV FIDEMO to the smallest OLV VISIC8, are born with a tray without holes that we can customize according to your needs. You can choose the color and size of the silicone holders and where to place them on the tray. If you need more space, we can also house additional tool holder brackets on the bottom. We assist you throughout the design phase of your kit by providing you with a final drawing with all the features you need.

The advantages of Ippi autoclavable boxes

The containers for Ippi surgical kits combine design and functionality, declining them in many models.

All boxes:

  • have a hinged opening lid
  • can be customized in every detail. You can choose the color of the lid and the bottom, the number of brackets and silicone supports
  • are available in different designs and sizes to suit your needs
  • are produced with material that can withstand over 1000 sterilization cycles
  • are suitable for steam sterilization (up to 134 °C)
  • are CE-marked and FDA-registered and accompanied by a use and maintenance manual
  • are resistant, durable, and easy to handle because they have been developed together with dental professionals.

Calidad y seguridad certificadas

Nuestros productos se fabrican de acuerdo con la norma ISO 9001:2015 relativa al diseño y la fabricación de recipientes de plástico moldeados por inyección para los sectores industrial y médico, y la producción de artículos técnicos de plástico según las especificaciones del cliente.

ISO 9001:2015
ISO 9001:2015

Los recipientes para el sector dental, destinados a la esterilización con vapor, son productos realizados de acuerdo con la norma UNI CEI EN ISO 13485:2016 «para diseñar y producir recipientes de plástico esterilizables en autoclave para el sector médico».

ISO 13485:2016
ISO 13485:2016


How many instruments can the boxes house?

The number of instruments is variable and depends on the internal conformation of the box.

How many autoclave cycles can the boxes be subjected to?

The material in which the boxes are made is certified for over 1000 cycles.

Who can I contact for assistance?

For assistance on all our products, you can contact us at the telephone number +39051969510 or by email at

Our catalog

In our catalog, you can find all the models of autoclavable boxes with the technical specifications and sizes available.