Realizzazione di oggetti in plastica

Creation of plastic parts

The design service was developed to immediately guide and support you in creating and customizing plastic parts. We will help you study the market and the competitors in order to develop an article where the functional aspects blend with the esthetics aspects.

From concept to finished product, we offer our 50+ years of experience to confront and resolve any molding related problems, we carefully select the materials that best meet your needs and those of your industrial sector.

With our design service we will help you customize the catalog articles or to create any plastic object.

Our services also include making prototypes out of ABS, in order to evaluate and check every detail, and rendering with high quality images for printed catalogs or websites.

The advantages of Ippi designing

The Ippi design service can create an article down to the last detail, from the functional and original design. Also:

  • you can always count on our experience during every stage, from conception to development;
  • with ABS prototyping, you can check that the product meets your practical and esthetics requirements;
  • using the rendering, you can obtain quality image to include in your catalogs or website;
  • you can customize a small number of articles;
  • we offer on-time deliveries and competitive market prices.

Application sectors

We design plastic products for many industrial sectors, such as:

  • medical
  • dental
  • pharmaceutical
  • sports
  • wastewater treatment
  • mechanical
  • packaging