Custom plastic molding by Ippi

Processing and printing of plastic materials

For fifty years, we have been dealing with the processing and molding of plastic materials, first in our historic headquarters in Bologna and today in Valsamoggia. We produce plastic containers and products suitable for use in numerous industrial sectors. Thanks to modern equipment, we can accommodate any request for custom plastic molding for large and small quantities. We listen to your needs and follow you in all phases, from the product design to the creation of the appropriate mold, up to customization with CNC machining, color printing, and laser marking.

We process all polymers, plastic engineering plastics, and super polymers, including special materials such as PEEK and PPSU.



We work with you to design a product that combines design and functionality: a unique and tailor-made solution. We create the executive drawings of the piece considering the molding problems. We offer advice on the choice of material to be used. We can create an ABS prototype to verify the size and aesthetic impact of the product. We also deal with rendering for catalogs or websites.

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Realizzazione di oggetti in plastica


Mold manufacturing

We make molds to produce customized products, starting from our project or yours. The molds are made of steel to ensure durability and always obtain high-quality items.

The tooling department takes care of mold creation and the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of all its equipment or on loan.

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Injection molding

The modern equipment of our molding department allows us to be flexible in terms of time and quantity. We can accommodate requests for large or small series of products made from your project or based on ours.

We transform all types of polymers, technopolymers, and superpolymers on the market.

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Lavorazione di materie plastiche stampate a iniezione


CNC machining

We create details such as slots, holes, and other customizations on our products or items supplied by you and parties on design: starting from a semi-finished product of any plastic material.

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IPPI lavorazione CNC di materie plastiche


Laser marking

Our laser marking ensures a high aesthetic yield. You can use our service to add logos, wordings, and trademarks on custom and standard products, even in small quantities.

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Color printing

We print in one or more colors on all plastic products. You can customize your items and those we produce with logos and brands.

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The advantages of Ippi customized products

We have been working with plastics for over fifty years. We have always looked to the future and sought the most innovative solutions for processing procedures and materials.


All our customized products:

  • combine design and functionality
  • reflect your needs and directions
  • can also be ordered in small quantities
  • have competitive delivery times and costs
  • comply with the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Fields of application

Injection molding is the processing technique used to produce a wide variety of products. There are many applications: the experience gained over the years of activity allows us to respond to the needs of numerous industries.


Here are some of them:

  • medical
  • dental
  • pharmaceutical
  • sporty
  • water treatment
  • mechanic
  • packaging
  • electronic

How to recycle our products

In Ippi, we work with many different polymers, technopolymers, and special materials: Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polystyrene, Polycarbonate, PPSU and PEEK, and many others. Each must be disposed of correctly, according to the instructions for separate collection.