CNC machining

IPPI lavorazione CNC di materie plastiche

Milling, drilling and CNC machining of plastics

We create holes, slots and perform other CNC machining on our autoclavable boxes. 

With CNC machining, we can also make custom-designed parts: starting from a semi-finished product of any type of plastic material, we also make a small series of accessories for autoclavable boxes or for any other application. We determine the feasibility before sending the part into production, we check and inspect all parts in order to ensure that they meet all the quality standards. 


We can machine parts of different shapes and sizes made of any material, even in limited quantities.  

IPPI servizio lavorazione CNC

The advantages of Ippi laser marking

Ippi’s laser marking service can customize our containers or your designed products with logos, codes and other details.

  • you can always count on our experience during every stage of the process;
  • our quality control systems monitor the entire process to ensure that the manufacturing parameters are met;
  • you can customize even a small number of articles;
  • we offer on-time deliveries and competitive market prices.

Application sectors

We perform laser marking of plastic products for many industrial sectors, such as:

  • medical
  • dental
  • pharmaceutical
  • sports
  • wastewater treatment
  • mechanical
  • packaging