Autoclavable plastic containers, accessories, and customizable products

We produce autoclavable plastic containers, supports and accessories, drawer units, and small parts boxes for various sectors, including customizable ones. We take care of all stages of injection molding, thermoplastic resins, laser marking, color printing, rendering, prototyping, and CNC machining.


Boxes and autoclavable accessories for the dental sector

The autoclavable instrument boxes are specific containers for the dental sector. Made of suitable certified plastic material and are produced in compliance with the UNI CEI EN ISO 13485:20121 standard, “For the design and production of autoclavable plastic containers for the medical sector.” The Ippi range includes nine boxes and a wide number of accessories, silicone grommets, and trays, all customizable.

1.1 – Autoclavable Boxes

The Ippi autoclavable boxes for surgical kits are suitable for steam sterilization. We can customize each package according to preferences and different needs: the tray and the bottom can be adapted to house the most significant number of instruments in the smallest possible space, you can decide the arrangement, color, and size of the silicone supports, insert the codes and drawings of the tools and the colored logos.

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1.2 – Silicone supports

The customizable silicone grommets include supports for burs and other long dental instruments, holders to stop the trays that can be placed on the bottom of the containers, grommets of six different diameters, and brackets with one or more positions to be placed on the tray or the bottom of the containers.

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1.3 – Autoclavable metal bowls

The stainless steel trays for surgical instruments include two models: a round bowl and a bean bowl. They can be inserted in the autoclavable boxes, preparing the tray, and both are suitable for steam sterilization.

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Implant holders

The Ippi implant holders include five series of containers for packaging dental implants, all in certified plastic material, customizable, and with caps of various colors.

2.1 – Implant holder

The implant holder containers allow the packaging of different dental implants, available in various diameters and heights. The UCEQUA series allows double packaging, with the implant suspended on a titanium ring (with or without mount) or inserted in the cap; or single packaging with the implant snapped into the WL support. The UCEQUA 2.0 model allows you to use a single solution for all types of systems.

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Drawers and containers

The Ippi drawer units and containers include different models of small parts drawer units, containers with a rectangular base with and without compartments, containers with a circular base, and tubes with colored caps of different sizes and heights. They are suitable for use in various sectors.

3.1 – Chest of drawers

Modular drawer units are ideal for organizing and setting up warehouses and laboratories. They are available in different sizes to be able to store both small parts and larger objects. We can customize all models with modular dividers and trays.

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3.2 – Plastic containers

The containers with a rectangular base are available in colored or transparent plastic, and they can have a hinged or push-fit lid and are customizable. The DOMINA and MINA models are compatible with the D series of small parts trays. The tubes, ideal for small parts and objects, have different diameters and heights. They are made of clear plastic with colored or white caps. The FL series includes a standard version and one for the packaging of dental implants.

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3.3 – Plastic trays

The colored plastic trays are available in different models and sizes. The D series can be inserted in the DOMINA and MINA containers with a rectangular base, and the M series in the MAXIMUS and DOMESTICUS modular containers.

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In our catalog, you will find all the models of autoclavable boxes and accessories, drawer units and containers, and implant holders, with the technical specifications and sizes available.


What else can Ippi do for you? Discover our custom designed products

Alongside the wide range of standard products, we offer you customization services. You can create finished products, from design to packaging, without resorting to multiple suppliers!

We deal with the following:

Certified quality and safety

Our company complies with the ISO 9001:2015 standard “for designing and producing injection-molded plastic containers for the industrial and medical sectors and producing technical articles in plastic material according to customer specifications”.

ISO 9001:2015
ISO 9001:2015

The containers for the dental industry are intended for steam sterilization. They comply with the UNI CEI EN ISO 13485:2021 standard “for the design and production of autoclavable plastic containers for the medical sector”.

ISO 13485:2016
ISO 13485:2016


Are all Ippi products autoclavable?

Only autoclavable boxes, silicone grommets, and stainless steel trays can be steam sterilized in an autoclave.

Who can I contact for assistance?

For assistance on all our products, you can contact us at the telephone number +39051969510 or by email at

I need a few pieces. What are the minimum order quantities?

The minimum order quantities vary depending on the products. Contact us for information on the line you are interested in.

What are the delivery times for customized products?

Delivery times vary depending on the quantity and type of product. Contact us for detailed information.

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