Plastic dental implants storage box

Dental implant holders for single or double packaging

The Ippi dental implant storage boxes include various plastic models intended to support the packaging of dental implants. They are available in multiple diameters and heights, with neutral or colored caps. Many models give you the possibility to choose between single and double packaging.

Our systems are the first step for storing dental implants correctly. Each customer has different ideas and needs to obtain adequate and certifiable packaging; therefore, all our systems are customizable.

Ippi containers are made with first-choice plastic materials suitable for gamma-ray sterilization and contact with food.

Technical features of the Ippi implant holders

The UCEQUA and FL IMPLANT HOLDER models are made of PS polystyrene (vial) and PE polyethylene (cap). The UCEQUA 2.0 model has a PS polystyrene vial and a polyethylene PE cap. The screw holder is in polyethylene PEHD, and the implant stop is in copolyester.

Our implant holders

The Ippi implant holders include three series of containers for packaging dental implants. The implant can be suspended on a titanium ring or inserted in the cap or snapped into the WL support.

The advantages of choosing Ippi implant holders

Dental implants are different, and so must be the implant holders. Our containers offer you quality support, which adapts to the different types of products.

All implant holders:

  • are available in various sizes, and diameters
  • are fully customizable
  • are made of first-choice plastic material and produced in compliance with the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Some models provide the possibility to choose between single and double packaging.

Zertifizierte Qualität und Sicherheit

Unsere Produkte werden in Übereinstimmung mit der Norm ISO 9001:2015 für die Konstruktion und Herstellung von spritzgegossenen Kunststoffbehältern für den industriellen und medizinischen Bereich und die Herstellung von technischen Artikeln aus Kunststoff nach Kundenspezifikation hergestellt.

ISO 9001:2015
ISO 9001:2015

Behälter für die Dentalindustrie, die für die Dampfsterilisation bestimmt sind, werden in Übereinstimmung mit der Norm UNI CEI EN ISO 13485:2016 „für die Konstruktion und Herstellung von Behältern aus autoklavierbarem Kunststoff für den medizinischen Bereich“ hergestellt.

ISO 13485:2016
ISO 13485:2016


What are the delivery times for customized dental implant holders?

For the customization of a door system, delivery times are between 30 and 45 days.

What are the differences between UCEQUA 2.0 and other implant holders?

UCEQUA 2.0 allows you to pack all types of implants with a single package, changing only the height of the implant stop.

Do you provide specific certifications for the door systems?

No. Our containers are the first step in packaging the system; therefore, all certifications and tests are the customer’s responsibility.

Our catalog

In our catalog, you will find all the models of plant holders, with the technical specifications and sizes available.