Realizzazione Stampo

Costruzione di stampi per materie plastiche

Mold making for plastics

We make industrial molds for plastics: from simpler to more complex types, for injection molding and overmolding.

To obtain a quality product, it is important that the mold is made correctly. We offer our experience in designing and creating the most ideal equipment for your plastic article. Depending on the manufacturing requirements, we will recommend the proper number of cavities, the injection technology and the conditioning and extraction of the mold.

We will predict and resolve any problems that could compromise the quality of your product.

The company’s internal tooling department not only makes the mold, but it also performs the routine and non-routine maintenance of all its equipment and any equipment on loan.

The advantages of mold making

Ippi’s mold making service ensures a long-lasting product, designed to withstand stress and use over time. Also:

  • you can always count on our experience, from design to creation of the mold;
  • you can entrust us with the testing and maintenance of the molds you already have, to be sure that they are always in excellent condition.

Application sectors

We design and create molds for plastic products for many industrial sectors, such as:

  • medical
  • dental
  • pharmaceutical
  • sports
  • wastewater treatment
  • mechanical
  • packaging