Plastic products manufacturers with 50 years of experience to our name

We are plastic products manufacturers and suppliers. We are specialized in the production of plastic containers suitable for numerous applications, including boxes for steam sterilization specific to the dental sector, for the Italian and international markets. We process thermoplastic resins at every injection molding stage, from design to manufacturing the finished product.

Experience and technical skills are best expressed when combined with creativity: this is why our offer is vast, flexible, and customizable. We use the best materials and adopt cutting-edge processes, putting our knowledge and know-how at your disposal, listening to your questions, and finding together the right answer for you. We design, manufacture, and package a safe and quality product that meets certified standards. A unique product, yours.

Diletta Cuniberti


Having grown professionally within the company since 1997, she is the sole director of IPPI. In addition to her management role, she coordinates the production department, working on the research and development of new products.

Stefania Bartolini

Sales Manager

In the company since 2002, she has carried out various tasks acquiring complete knowledge of the business reality. Today she is the commercial manager for both the domestic and the international market.

Lucia Neri


After having gained various experiences in the administrative and IT fields, she joined Ippi in 2004 and is the administrative and export manager.

Nico Ponzilacqua

Technical office

He joined the company in 1999 and is in charge of the technical department. He deals with the design of the molds of commercial products and supports customers in the development of customized products.

Our history


The birth of Ippi

Ippi S.r.l. was founded in 1970 in Zola Predosa, in the province of Bologna, to produce and market a wide range of plastic containers. In 1976 it merged with REKO, a company specialized in molding for third parties.

Ippi collaborates with other companies in different sectors, from electronics to optics, from water treatment to sports, and the medical industry. Over the years, Ippi has been experiencing the molding of the most varied types of polymers, technopolymers (PP, PE, PS, ABS, SAN, PMMA, PVC, PA, PC, PBT, POM, etc.) and super polymers (PSU, PPSU, PEEK).


A new company

In 2005 Ippi moved to a new plant in Crespellano (province of Bologna), where a molding department equipped with the most modern equipment was set up.


Containers for the dental sector

In 2006, thanks to many years of experience in the dental sector for some third-party customers, the idea was born: the company started creating a range of containers for small parts. This line was enriched with accessories for the packaging of dental implants.


The autoclavable boxes are born

In 2009 some customers requested Ippi to design and manufacture the first container for the steam sterilization of surgical instruments.


Ippi enters the foreign market

Two years later, at the International Fair in Cologne, Ippi presented the first three models of autoclavable containers and thus opened up to the export market, which accounts for 50% of global turnover today.

Inventiveness, commitment, and seriousness

Today Ippi is led by a team of people who have grown within the company. They all have contributed to making it a solid and cutting-edge partner in plastic components production. Constant attention to new market inputs makes the creation of new products and the implementation of services suited to the needs of companies and distributors continuous and persistent.

„Inventiveness, commitment, and seriousness guide our choices and allow us to face future challenges to always satisfy our customers. We are a close-knit and competent team, which in Ippi has grown and continues to grow, aware that each new project is an opportunity to improve even further. „

Diletta Cuniberti, Ippi CEO

Our products

Sterilizable boxes, standard and customized plastic containers

We deal with the production of generic plastic containers, which can be used in studios and laboratories, such as small parts drawers, trays, and containers with rectangular and circular bases, certified for the industrial and medical sectors. We have designed a specific line for the dental one, which includes autoclavable boxes complete with accessories and silicone supports that allow you to organize dental instruments better and sterilize them with steam.

Polymer molding and customization

From designing to packaging

Thanks to our experience in molding plastic materials, we can support you in all stages of production. We offer you complete advice, from the choice of materials to the regulations to be respected. We can design and make the mold and customize the finished product with colored logos and brands or slots and holes.

We develop ABS prototypes that allow you to verify the functioning and aesthetic characteristics of what you want to produce, and we take care of the rendering for catalogs and websites.

Zertifizierte Qualität und Sicherheit

Unsere Produkte werden in Übereinstimmung mit der Norm ISO 9001:2015 für die Konstruktion und Herstellung von spritzgegossenen Kunststoffbehältern für den industriellen und medizinischen Bereich und die Herstellung von technischen Artikeln aus Kunststoff nach Kundenspezifikation hergestellt.

ISO 9001:2015
ISO 9001:2015

Behälter für die Dentalindustrie, die für die Dampfsterilisation bestimmt sind, werden in Übereinstimmung mit der Norm UNI CEI EN ISO 13485:2016 „für die Konstruktion und Herstellung von Behältern aus autoklavierbarem Kunststoff für den medizinischen Bereich“ hergestellt.

ISO 13485:2016
ISO 13485:2016