Stampa a colori

Stampa serigrafica e tampografia su plastica

Screen printing and pad printing on plastic

We perform single or multi-color screen printing and pad printing on plastic for various technical and industrial sectors. After the feasibility of the print-out has been checked, we digitize and elaborate the project and we draft the print model with company logos and brand names, slogans and brief texts, drawings, symbols and illustrations, creative subjects or with anything else you would like to use to customize your articles.

We will help you determine whether screen printing or pad printing is the better choice based on the properties of the material to be used. We work with the most common coloring systems and we can customize any product in our catalog, as well as custom-designed products.

The advantages of color screen printing with Ippi

Ippi’s color printing service can be used to customize products with logos, brief informational texts, drawings and illustrations. Also:

  • you can always count on our experience during every stage of the process;
  • our quality control systems monitor the entire process to ensure that the manufacturing parameters are met;
  • you can customize a small number of articles;
  • we offer on-time deliveries and competitive market prices.

Application sectors

We perform color printing on plastic products for many industrial sectors, such as:

  • medical
  • dental
  • pharmaceutical
  • sports
  • wastewater treatment
  • mechanical
  • packaging
  • electronics