Modular drawer storage system for small parts

Plastic containers and drawers for small parts

The modular drawer storage system for small parts includes interlocking models that develop vertically and horizontally of various sizes. In the drawers, you can insert dividers or modular Ippi-compatible trays.

The drawer units are suitable for various industrial sectors to organize and set up warehouses, laboratories, workshops, and other workspaces. They are ideal for storing small items and components, such as screws, spare parts, and more oversized items. The MINOR, MAJOR, and MAXIMUS models have colored casing and transparent drawers; the DOMESTICUS model has colored case and drawers. We can customize all of them with laser-marked logos and writings.

Like all the other Ippi containers, the drawer units are made of first-choice plastic material.

Technical features of the drawer units

The MINOR, MAJOR, DOMESTICUS, and MAXIMUS drawer units are made of PS POLYSTYRENE.

Our models of drawer units and small parts drawers

Store and organize, keep everything tidy and close at hand. With Ippi small parts drawer units, it will no longer be a problem: modular and customizable container models are also ideal for speeding up and streamlining the assembly or disassembly operations of composed objects.

The advantages of Ippi small parts drawers

The Ippi modular small parts drawer units are available in a wide range of models to meet the different needs of the industrial and commercial sectors.

All containers:

  • are infinitely modular
  • are made of first-choice plastic material and produced in compliance with the ISO 9001: 2015 standard
  • inside the drawers, they can accommodate dividers or removable trays
  • on the outside of the drawer, there is a particular space to insert adhesive labels to identify the contents better.

Some models are compatible with other Ippi products.

Qualité et sécurité certifiées

Nos produits sont fabriqués conformément à la norme ISO 9001:2015 pour la conception et la fabrication de contenants en plastique moulés par injection pour les secteurs industriel et médical, ainsi que pour la fabrication d’articles techniques en matière plastique selon les spécifications du client.

ISO 9001:2015
ISO 9001:2015

Les contenants pour le secteur dentaire, destinés à la stérilisation à la vapeur, sont des produits réalisés conformément à la norme uni CEI EN ISO 13485:2016 « Pour la Conception et la production de contenants en matière plastique autoclavables pour le secteur médical ».

ISO 13485:2016
ISO 13485:2016


What material are the drawers made of?

The drawer units are made of PS polystyrene.

I need a small number of products. Are there minimum quantities required to place an order?

Minimum order quantities vary by product. Contact us for more detailed information.

Who can I contact for assistance?

For assistance on all our products, you can contact us at the telephone number +39051969510 or by email at

Our catalog

In our catalog, you will find all the models of modular drawer units for small parts with the technical specifications and sizes available.