I servizi di Ippi

As well as moulding and the standard products Ippi offers a series of services which allow the customer to make finished products without having to approach several suppliers. Thanks to more than 40 years' experience in the sector and a network of punctual and reliable suppliers, we are able to offer a finished product from design to packaging.


design and functionality

With our 40 years of experience and a close contact with our customers we are able to manufacture a product which satisfies the design and functionality requirements. We take into account the moulding problems when preparing the construction drawings for the product. We provide consultancy services for selection of the most suitable material in consideration of the use of the product, the processes to which it must be subjected and the standards and regulations with which it must comply. We design and manufacture the mould.

Stampa a Colori

colour printing

coloured logos

We offer the possibility of personalising logos and markings with the use of one or more colours.



high resolution images

High resolution images in order to check the visual impact of the product or for insertion in catalogues or websites. Reproduction of a range of materials with various colours and views.

marcatura laser

laser marking

logos and inscriptions

logos, inscriptions and markings, even for small quantities, with an excellent quality.

lavorazioni cnc

cnc machining

product customisation

Slots, holes and personalisation of our products or on items provided by customers.



abs prototypes

In order to check the correct operation, dimensions or visual impact of the item we supply prototypes both of the products designed by us and of the models provided by the customers.

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